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Look Stunning Even While Wearing a Mask

Look Stunning Even While Wearing a Mask

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Hey guys!!!

Happy Monday!!!

Let’s start the week with a few colorful stuff.

The mandatory mask wearing continues here in the Philippines, and TBH it’s kind of a bummer for me because I love collecting and wearing different types of lippies, just the first half of 2022 I accumulated a total of 48 lippies, (most of them I bought with my own money and some are sent to me by Korean brands) I know I have to stop buying stuff that I can’t consume before they expire but I just can’t help it.

Anyways.. my point is that I have tons of lippies, they’re all pretty and they used to be what made my overall look standout but now it can’t be seen because we need to wear a mask whenever we go out. That we can’t control, so let’s just focus on stuff that we can, like our eyes.. they’re not covered and there are tons of new Korean eye makeup available to emphasize them.. here are my current favorites.


First up is the ESTILO Born Natural Brow Styler , this is a unique brow pencil because instead of a normal brow brush, it has a brow-cara type fixer on the other side, it’s water and smudge proof, it’s vegan too!

Available in 5 colors, you can get them here:


2nd item is the Kitschue I Gotcha EYE Palette, a cute 9 pan palette with cool toned colors that are great for daily use and glitters that you can add on for a night out ready eye look.

You can get the pallete here:


Next up is the POPSYNOTE Shining Glitter Gel – eyeshadow glitter toppers in gel form with built-in brush, perfect for daily use. Available in 3 colors, you can get them here:


Last but not the least is the BELGLEAM Rich Volume and Curling Fixcara – these are really great mascaras especially if you have thin and short eyelashes like mine, my favorite is the Volume Fixcara (blue).

You can get them here:

And that’s it for this update.

I hope you can find something that will help your daily look standout even when you need to wear a mask.

’til next time!!


Paula 😉