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Transport And Logistics Expo Paves Entry Of ART’s Shacman Trucks In PH Market

Transport And Logistics Expo Paves Entry Of ART’s Shacman Trucks In PH Market

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Stakeholders of the transportation and logistics industries are set to gather at the World Trade Center from August 15-17, 2019 of the Transport and Logistics Philippines expo. The exhibit has been bringing together manufacturers, suppliers and buyers in both transportation and supply chain for seven years now to showcase the latest products and technologies in transport and logistics.

All Range Trucks (ART), the affiliate company of Sobida Motors, is proudly participating in the Transportation and Logistics Philippines expo as major sponsors. ART, is a dealership that aims to be a one-stop-shop for brand new, customizable, high quality and competitively priced commercial vehicles. During the expo, ART will unveil the Shacman Heavy-Duty trucks which are manufactured according to the strictest international standards and have been sold in more than 90 countries across the world. Manufactured by Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group. The Shacman X3000 series is a brand-new product representing 51 years of technological innovation. With outstanding power and fuel economy, a spacious and comfortable interior and excellent safety, ART believes the Shacman X3000 series is the new standard for logistics transportation.

ART, along with many other transport and logistics companies will exhibit their products and promote their services at the Transport and Logistics Philippines expo to hopefully make the most of the booming logistics industry in the country. One of the event’s highlights is the Transport and Logistics Philippines Forum to be held on August 15 where new policies, trends, innovations and best practices that will shape the logistics industry will be discussed. Some of the most relevant topics lined up are: Port Regulations after Build Build Build- Ease of Doing Business update; The Future of Supply Chain, Procurement, and Logistics; Philippine Logistics Roadmap; Going Digital: Developments on Transport and Supply Chain Processes; and, Smarter Philippines Program: Innovations for Digital Alignment.

ART and its affiliate company, Sobida, is optimistic that it will have a successful second year run at the Transport and Logistics Philippines expo which it considers as a core platform for the introduction and release of new products, technologies and solutions for the logistics industry. Beyond the expo, ART is looking forward to enhancing not only their business in the country but becoming an active contributor to the ongoing growth and evolution of the Philippine transportation and logistics industries.