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Be part of Ortigas Malls’ monthly sustainability Yard Sale drive

Be part of Ortigas Malls’ monthly sustainability Yard Sale drive

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Upcycling has never been this fun! Ortigas Malls makes it easy for people to buy and sell preloved items, upcycle, and donate with the Sustainability Yard Sale drive happening every second Sunday of the month at Greenhills and Estancia, from 8am to 2pm.

One of the pivotal aspects of the circular economy in the Philippines is creating awareness and encouraging people to participate in recycling, upcycling and other sustainable practices that they can incorporate into their daily lives.


Upcycling is about reimagining the potential of items that have outlived their original purpose. Rather than discarding used or unwanted materials, upcycling artists and enthusiasts see opportunities for reinvention. In the hands of innovative creators, old pieces of furniture, containers, textiles, glassware, and even electronic components can be turned into remarkable and functional works of art.


It’s also an avenue for art and home enthusiasts to create and express themselves. Every piece tells a story of transformation as objects are turned from ordinary into extraordinary, giving them a new purpose or a new look that results in one-of-a-kind creations.


Aireen Cruz, organizer of Yard Sale, says, “The event promotes the reduction of plastic materials that deeply hurt the environment. It also encourages individuals, organizations and institutions to intensify their environmental campaigns. It’s a convenient way to help organizations and other institutions raise funds by recycling ‘junk’ and showcasing and selling their upcycled products.”


“The best part about the Ortigas Malls Yard Sale is that it brings together buyers and sellers in one event where they can showcase their creations and convert them into cash. It also makes great use of Ortigas Malls’ multipurpose spaces in Greenhills and Estancia,” says Arch. Renee Bacani, VP of Ortigas Malls.


NGOs, a number of LGU barangays and schools participate in the Yard Sale every second Sunday of the month. Buyers include Envirocycle, a full service e-waste recycling company that helps minimize the amount of electronic equipment being deposited in landfills; and the environmental organization Philippine Advocates for the Care of the Planet, Inc. (PACOPI).


Sellers include residents from the barangays of Addition Hills, Wack Wack, Batis and Pasadena; La Salle Greenhills, La Salle Greenhills Alternative Education; and BJMP Dorms. Exhibitors are KILUS Foundation, KILOS, Akbayanihan Eco Store, RVM, RCAM — organizations that are committed to helping clean up and protect the environment by recycling and upcycling items.


Aireen adds, “The Greenhills Yard Sale focuses on waste reduction and converting items into cash or something useful. This event is part of Ortigas Malls’ CSR commitment to promote environmental care and sustainable practices that benefit everyone.”


Shoppers get the chance to win raffle prizes from Yard Sale partners. A Zumba session will be held to boost the morning energy of participants and visitors; free coffee and pandesal will be given for free to the first 100 customers to register onsite.


Showcase your upcycling skills or pick up a few items from sellers at the Greenhills Yard Sale — and be part of the circular economy. You can also visit the Yard Sale at Estancia, Pasig City, which started last August 13. The next Yard Sale will take place on October 8, 2023.


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