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Filipina Teacher Creates Videos Translating Common Filipino Words Into English Terms


Filipina Teacher Creates Videos Translating Common Filipino Words Into English Terms


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Ever wonder if some Filipino words have their own English equivalent? This Filipina teacher shocked some of her audience as she translated some of the fish that are commonly seen in the Philippines into English terms.

Known for her content segment on TikTok titled ‘Learning English with Teacher Aubrey,’ Filipino teacher and writer Aubrey Bermudez-Badaguas became trending for translating common market fish into English words.

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Not known by many, a lot of netizens were amazed that some of these fish have their own English translations, such as Galunggong, Sapsap, Dalagang Bukid, Tulingan, and many more.

In the said video, the teacher disclosed the following English translation of the fish with the caption, “Ano sa English ang mga “ISDA sa PALENGKE” na ito?”

1. Galunggong – Blue Mackerel Scad
2. Tilapia – Tilapia or St. Peter’s Fish
3. Tamban – Herring Fish or Sardinella
4. Tambakol – Skipjack Tuna
5. Dalagang Bukid – Yellowtail Fusilier
6. Sapsap – Slipmout Fish or Ponyfish
7. Tulingan – Mackerel Tuna
8. Lapu-Lapu – Grouper
9. Maya-Maya – Red Snapper

At the end of the video, she then takes on a small task for her audience, asking them what will be the English equivalent of ‘Talakitok,’ a known fish species found in countries near the Pacific Ocean such as the Philippines.

Noting this new knowledge from Badaguas, some of her viewers used the English term for these fish to describe the ‘ulam for the day, making it look like a special cuisine because it is in foreign terms. “Our ulam for today is steamed blue mackerel with garlic, salt, and pepper soaked in vinegar,” a netizen commented.

Besides translating the common fish in the wet market into English terms, Badaguas also made videos explaining the translation of other Filipino common terms in other foreign languages, providing exciting and insightful content for her audience.

Other than translating Filipino words, the content creator also makes videos to give advice to her audiences of all ages, such as on concerns about procrastination and mental health.

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