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Heartwarming ‘treat day’ gifts for you and your loved ones

Heartwarming ‘treat day’ gifts for you and your loved ones

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Many Filipinos love giving gifts to their loved ones, especially during the holidays. We’re known for making an effort to treat our family and friends because that’s one of the ways we show our love and make them feel special.


If you’re looking for heartwarming “treat day” gifts for the holiday season, or just because you want to make someone’s day, here are some ideas:


For the movie lovers: Catch a fun movie in the theater

Watching a movie alone can be liberating and relaxing. If there’s a movie out right now that you’ve been eyeing for months, don’t hesitate and book that ticket for your day-off. 

Celebrate this holiday season with your loved ones by enjoying cups of Swiss Miss together

You can also share the fun with your family. Find a movie that all of you can enjoy, like a comedy or slice of life drama. Make sure that it’s kid-friendly as well if your kids or pamangkins will be tagging along.


For the kikay shoppers: Retail therapy at your favorite stores

Update your wardrobe and wellness kits with a much-needed shopping spree, especially after you get your paycheck. Don’t forget to get a thoughtful gift for your friends and family, especially if they can’t come with you. It can be new clothing, accessories, or beauty products that they’ve been checking out on their favorite online shops. They will appreciate you treating them to nice stuff, even on regular days.


For the expressive gift-givers: A warm chocolate drink and a sweet letter

Share the love this Christmas with your family with the limited edition Swiss Miss Bliss Pack

The chilly Christmas weather calls for a warm chocolate drink. Express your love in a sweet way by treating friends and family with the Swiss Miss Bliss Pack, which comes in a beautiful box where you can write a sweet, heartfelt letter to show your appreciation to your family and friends. This limited-edition holiday gift pack also comes with a limited-edition mug that they can use anytime, anywhere to treat themselves good. 


Make the holidays extra special by treating your friends and family with lovely gifts such as the limited-edition Swiss Miss Bliss Pack. This indulgent drink will satisfy your sweet cravings and give you and your family a rewarding experience with every sip. It’s easy to make so, if you’re spending quality time with loved ones, you can surely savor the moment. You can serve this anytime, even when there’s no special occasion so you can #TreatYourselfGood.


Grab the new Swiss Miss Bliss Pack while supplies last. It’s available at leading supermarkets and online stores via Lazada, Shopee, and URC’s TikTok Shop, for Php 112.00 (SRP) a box. 


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