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Hype Alert: Burger King® collabs with Streetwear Fashion Brand DBTK

Hype Alert: Burger King® collabs with Streetwear Fashion Brand DBTK

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Bring Out Your Inner Street Style with BK® x DBTK Exclusive Merchandise for Burger  King® Chicken King product 


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Ever wondered if fashion and flavor could go hand in hand? They totally can! Burger  King®, and streetwear brand, Don’t Blame the Kids (DBTK), tie up to bring food and fashion to greater heights this September. 

What connects these two top runners in their respective industries is their burning passion to deliver exceptional experiences, especially for millennials and Gen Z. Most importantly,  they value individuality and give everyone a space to establish, express, and grow their authenticity. 



The Burger King® Chicken King product makes you go ‘sheesh’! 

Much like your favorite high-quality and carefully designed streetwear piece, the Burger  King® Chicken King consists of a hefty golden, crispy, juicy, and meaty chicken burger patty made from whole-muscle chicken thigh, complemented with creamy mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes, carefully styled between two soft potato buns. 

Its product line currently has three offerings with a variety of selections that will hit right  on the spot for all types of Chicken Burger enthusiasts: the original Chicken King, Spicy  Chicken King for those who want to have a kick in every bite, and the limited time offer  BLT Spicy Chicken King for those who want Burger King’s take on a classic but with high quality chicken patty and bacon.


Flavor meets fashion with Burger King® and DBTK 

With the vision to immortalize the top-tier Chicken King experience from food to fashion,  Burger King® and DBTK gathered chicken burger and streetwear fans together, building on their pursuit of further showing their uniqueness and authenticity. 


“At Burger King®, we’re all about creating unique experiences. It’s not just about the food; it’s about celebrating the real-life experiences of our burger fans. We believe in delivering the highest quality food that embodies these experiences. That’s why collaborating with DBTK, a brand that champions individuality and creativity, was a natural fit. We wanted to bring together the Burger King® dining experience with the craftsmanship that the team from DBTK does in fashion for everyone to feel the authentic vibe of both worlds,” John Velasco, General Manager of Burger King® Philippines. 


“We are big fans of Burger King® so when we heard of the collaboration, the process of conceptualizing and creating the style and design based on the Burger King® Chicken  King was by far the easiest for us. With our shared love for authenticity and upgrading everyone’s experience in food and fashion, it all came naturally to both teams, ” said Emil  Javier, Co-owner of DBTK.

With the BK® x DBTK limited merchandise dropping last September 26, 2023, sizes XL and XXL are already sold out in both colors black and white. Other sizes are still available for purchase at DBTK’s flagship and satellite stores, and online at DBTK’s website. 


Experience the BK® x DBTK hype through the merchandise raffle! 

Everyone has a chance to cop the limited BK® x DBTK merchandise when they order through the BK® App! 

Here’s how you can participate in the BK® x DBTK Raffle: 

  1. Order any Chicken King Value Meal product. Each Value Meal purchase counts as one raffle entry. Guest must acknowledge and press the “DBTK raffle entry” button to be eligible to join the raffle. 
  2. The raffle is valid nationwide from September 22 to October 22, 2023. 3. Winners will be announced on October 25, 2023! 

A total of twenty (20) lucky app winners will be chosen, with each winner eligible to win once. This promo does not apply to orders purchased with senior citizens and persons with disability cards and other types of discounts. 

Don’t miss out on your chance to be one of the lucky winners in the BK® x DBTK Raffle this September. Order your Chicken King Value Meal today and get ready to win big! 

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