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iQor Provides Financial Aid to Employees and Communities in Need Through iQor Qares

iQor Provides Financial Aid to Employees and Communities in Need Through iQor Qares

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iQor Qares is now a registered nonprofit charitable organization in the Philippines 


iQor — a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions — celebrates the registration of iQor Qares as a nonprofit charitable organization in the Philippines. iQor Qares is one of iQor’sCSR initiatives, focused on giving back to iQor employees and their local communities by providing financial assistance to individuals facing catastrophic or life-altering events.


“The recent registration of iQor Qares as a charitable nonprofit in the Philippines will expand our ability to help our employees, their families, and our local communities in need. We are inspired by the generosity of individuals and corporations that support iQor Qares’ commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. We look forward to helping even more iQorians,” said Fleurette Navarro, iQor’s chief people officer and chair of iQor Qares in the Philippines.


Since 2019, iQor Qares has provided a total of $150,000 employee cases around the world. These donations have helped iQor employees rebuild their lives after natural disasters, care for loved ones in need of medical and end-of-life care, and address housing insecurity, as well as other life-altering events. 



Putting people first, supporting local communities



The creation of iQor Qares highlights iQor’s company value of the need to give back, as it encourages employees to support fellow iQorians and their communities. “At iQor, we want people to succeed in their careers as well as in other aspects of their lives. Part of that success comes from providing employees with opportunities to foster interpersonal connections and contribute to their communities. In this way, we are doing our part as Filipinos to keep our bayanihan spirit alive,” said James Down, senior director for operations.




“iQor Qares has provided assistance to 54 Filipino employees, and we have committed to help another 38 more people since registering as a nonprofit in April. More than 25% of iQor employees have pledged and donated to the Philippines, totaling 8,377 PH donors to date and this number is growing! In addition, the iQor Qares steering committee has visited our sites in Clark, Fairview, Dasmarinas, Sta. Rosa, Iloilo, Bacolod, Talisay, and Davao,” said Down.


For the past 25 years, iQor has been a steadfast presence in the Philippines, with 17 contact centers in Cavite, Davao, Iloilo, Laguna, Negros Occidental, Pampanga, and Quezon City. Thus, it’s only fitting that, through iQor Qares, iQor continues to actively support the communities where they operate whenever an urgent need arises. iQor Qares remains committed to expanding support in the communities where iQor employees live and work as well as in the surrounding areas.


iQor cultivates a culture that cares


iQor Qares has helped foster empathy and unity among colleagues. As James Down said, “Every iQorian can choose to give one-time or recurring contributions and 100% of the money raised for iQor Qares in the Philippines will help local employees, their family members, and their local communities in need of financial assistance due to life-altering or catastrophic events beyond their control. We can provide financial assistance to any iQorian for three such events during their tenure with us, with a maximum allocation of PHP100,000 per event (and this may be waived with approval). We value our team in the Philippines, which makes up about 80% of our total global operations.”



iQor Qares creates a sense of unity among colleagues and sustains its charitable activities, via one-time and recurring donations from iQor employees, quarterly fundraising parties, auctions, and other activities.


“I’m proud to share that every iQorian cares for their colleagues, whether it’s a team member next to them at work or in their community. Even before iQor Qares was established, we have stories of people passing the hat for fellow iQorians, helping out in any ways they can to ease others’ financial burdens. With iQor Qares, we are able to expand our existing commitment to taking care of one another,” shared Michael Oliver Dela Pena, vice president for operations.



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