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Phoenix SUPER LPG Offers Easy And Fast Online Ordering


Phoenix SUPER LPG Offers Easy And Fast Online Ordering


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Phoenix SUPER LPG launches its new and improved online ordering form that lets customers get their LPG supply safer, faster, and easier.

Running out of LPG? Phoenix SUPER LPG lets you have your tanks delivered faster through its revamped online ordering system.

While the ongoing pandemic and community quarantine have limited everybody’s freedom to go and roam outside their homes, cooking at home has never been this important.

Every day, people have been showing off their home-cooked meals on social media, and while food businesses have been reopening one-by-one and adjusting their operations to enable food delivery, many quarantined Filipinos have discovered how fun, convenient, and economical it is to cook their own food while staying safe at home. Indeed, this is the new normal where home cooking gets back its former glory.

Thankfully, Phoenix SUPER LPG has made cooking at home easier and more convenient with its new and improved online order form. Accessible on the brand’s official Facebook page ( through the “SHOP NOW” tab and website ( through the “ORDER NOW” button, this new order-and-delivery system lets customers find the nearest Phoenix SUPER Hub in their area for faster delivery of Phoenix SUPER LPG products. The online form also gives the customers the updated product price upon ordering, and indicates the product’s availability. Through these features, confirmation of orders and fulfillment of transactions are made simpler, direct, and faster.

“Now that most of us are stuck at home, and dining inside restaurants are strictly prohibited, we recognize how important it is to have a reliable partner in cooking at home. Phoenix SUPER LPG has been advocating for the discovery of the joys in cooking for the past year, and we are taking this opportunity to show how we can help make everyone’s cooking experience safe, sigurado, and simple,” Phoenix LPG Philippines, Inc. President Henry Albert Fadullon said. “Throughout this quarantine period, we have been working hard to make our products and services become more visible and accessible both online and otherwise. This strategy includes the revamped online order form that we are launching today for our customers. Now, anyone can get their Phoenix SUPER LPG delivered to their homes faster and easier.”

Last year, along with the introduction of its brand ambassador Sarah Geronimo, Phoenix SUPER LPG launched its ‘Sarap Pala Magluto’ campaign that highlights the brands SAFE, SIGURADO, and SIMPLE cooking experience through its German-made SRG regulator. It features an inlet safety valve that stops LPG flow in case of leakage and an on-and-off switch for a tight and secure connecting system. It also has a reserve indicator that determines the content of the tank—so there’s no guessing about when customers need a replacement, and a snap-on mechanism that enables ease of use.

Aside from the online order and delivery form, Phoenix SUPER LPG can also be availed of by calling #SUPER (#78737) for Globe and Smart users. The brand has also been implementing strict health and safety protocols inside the Phoenix SUPER Hubs and during the delivery process by practicing non-contact delivery and regular sanitation of its personnel and equipment.

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