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RHC Builders Warehouse Opens its 6TH Branch in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

RHC Builders Warehouse Opens its 6TH Branch in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

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Last Saturday June 18, RHC Builders Warehouse, one of Luzon’s most prominent one-stop building and construction shops, opened its 6th and newest branch in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

The newest addition to the growing number of RHC Builders Warehouse in Luzon is also the home of some of the brands under The Racal Group of Companies. RHC Builders Warehouse aspires to serve notonly its corporate clients butalso the residents living in the vicinity.

Staying true to its tagline “You Build, We Provide,” RHC Builders Warehouse ensures that its one-stop-shop will provide its consumers with brands from both local and international markets.

Of course I had a little tour of the whole warehouse after they officially opened their doors.


The warehouse is divided into 2 parts, first is ‘Our Abode‘ where you can find anything you need to decorate and fix your home.

From comfy sofas to bathroom fixtures, it’s all here in this part.


The other side of the warehouse is ‘Every Minute Supermarket‘, where you can find all your grocery needs. I love that the aisles here are wide and spacious, I can easily find anything that I’m looking for.


I also had a photo with RHC Builders Warehouse President Jed T. Racal (my right) and Corporate Secretary Jad T. Racal (my left)


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For more information, visit RCH Builders’ Website at or its Facebook Page

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