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Top 4 Chic Poblacion Bars To Spend Your Weekend Away


Top 4 Chic Poblacion Bars To Spend Your Weekend Away


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Home to the cool and chic areas in Metro Manila, Poblacion — sometimes referred to as ‘Pobla’ — is the dining, art, and culture hot spot for millennials and gen Zs. Ranging from quirky diners to the neon lighted clubs, there are so many hang out places to choose from.

While COVID-19 has put a halt to many of the Poblacion favorites, several still remain, while some have newly emerged. Now that the Philippines is starting to loosen up dining restrictions, Pinoys are keen on going out and catching up with their barkadas.

More known for its nightlife, party goers have a wide range of bars to choose from around the area. Whether you’re there to look for places to socialize or you just want to dance the night away, Poblacion is your home on the weekends.

Here listed are some of the most recommended bars where you and your barkada can take drinking to the next level:

1. Futur:st

From its reopening in 2020, Futur:st merges art, culture, and party altogether in one restaurant-bar. Customers can buy local art pieces or order food like ultramodern-style beef kebabs, pizzas, and more.

A great spot for your barkada’s ‘chillnuman’ sessions, they have a wide range of drinks including beers, whiskeys, and cocktails. For those who cannot drink alcohol, sodas and juices are also available.

Party goers are required to undergo a quick COVID-19 test and present their vaccination cards prior entry. Test kits are available at their doors for PHP 250. Futur:st operates from 3 pm to 11 pm, Thursday to Saturday. They’re located at 5062 Guerrero Street, Poblacion Makati.

2. The Spirits Library

Known for its rare bottles and quirky interiors, The Spirits Library is perfect for those looking for atypical drinks to chug with friends. Great music is one of its strong points, absolutely ideal for those who want to go hard on the party.

Whether you’re there for the music or to stay for IG-worthy photos, The Spirits Library is a worthy place to party in Poblacion. Reservations are highly encouraged. The Spirits Library is open every day from 6 pm to 3 am. They’re located at 4963 Guerrero Street, Poblacion Makati.

3. HQ Poblacion

Notorious HQ, more recognized as HQ or HQ Poblacion, is popular to those in their 20s. Heavy with its signature neon lights and the coolest DJs on board, it is heaven for those who need a good jam and dance for the weekend.

Prior entry, HQ also requires customers to present their vaccination cards. They are open from Wednesday to Saturday, 8 pm to 3 am. Be sure to book a table early as HQ always has a guest list. For bookings, you may message them via Instagram at They’re located at 8464 Kalayaan Ave., Poblacion Makati.

4. Kampai

Kampai is a Japanese restaurant-bar in Poblacion. While Japanese food is one of its good points, they also offer a variety of drinks including tequilas, rums, vodkas, wine, and more.

DJs are usually present and Kampai is quite active with events. Information and announcements are usually posted via their Instagram at

Reservations are highly encouraged. Kampai is open on Tuesdays to Sundays, 5pm onwards. They’re located at 5857 Alfonso Corner Fermina Street, Poblacion Makati 1210 Philippines

While these are all fun places to hang out, do not forget to be safe! Make sure to bring the new normal essentials such as masks, alcohol sprays, and proof of vaccination.

Have fun and stay safe! Until the next party session.

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