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Watch How Globe Helps Filipinos Recreate The #ChristmasWeLove This Holiday Season


Watch How Globe Helps Filipinos Recreate The #ChristmasWeLove This Holiday Season


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Filipinos are known to have the grandest (and longest) Christmas celebrations out there, complete with all kinds of traditions and merry-making. Now that safety restrictions are still in place, however, we are definitely looking at a very different kind of celebration this year. While it’s hard not to feel deflated in the absence of the usual Christmas buzz, maybe we can take it as an opportunity to cherish those in our lives, while also giving a bit of ourselves to people around us, extending kindness and support in any way we can.

Through its newest video, Globe highlights how small acts of kindness can bring us together, show our thoughtfulness, and help us celebrate the traditions we treasure this season. Just like its commitment to help Filipinos recreate better days, Globe is one with all of us in continuing to celebrate the #ChristmasWeLove despite the uncertainty of the times we live in.

Globe believes that where there is kindness, there is Christmas. Strip away the shiny decorations and lights, and we see the season is really all about love and generosity of spirit. Every time we choose to be a blessing to others, whether it’s to our loved ones or complete strangers, we are embodying the true meaning of Christmas and sharing its magic to more people in the hopes of them paying it forward to others as well.

Part of the holiday magic lies in the traditions we cherish every year. This year, Globe makes it possible for the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) to go on, with its movies streamed through the new video-on-demand platform, Upstream, and tickets from GMovies. Filipinos anywhere can now watch the best and brightest of local films as they do every Christmas season. Globe’s 12 Treats of Christmas also promises to recreate Christmas cheer through an array of digital holiday events and experiences such as SuperGamerFest thru Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts, a Christmas Concert @ Home featuring December Avenue by Globe At Home, and a Christmas edition of Globe Poppin Quiz Night.

The TM FunPasko Music Fest on December 15 is also an enjoyable event not to be missed, where local artists like SB19, The Juans, and Donnalyn Bartolome will perform on the virtual stage to delight everyone at home!

To cap the holiday fun, special Christmas offers from various merchants await customers at the Globe Rewards app. Use your points to redeem rewards from [merchants] and even to different causes and organizations that Globe supports.

This holiday season, celebrating the #ChristmasWeLove is made possible with Globe. To know more about this story, visit

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