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Why Choosing The Right Program Is Key To Becoming Future-Ready


Why Choosing The Right Program Is Key To Becoming Future-Ready


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Graduation season is upon us once again. Amidst the ceremonies and celebrations, incoming senior high school (SHS) and college students are at the crossroads on what next steps to take in their academic journey. There are several factors to consider and one of the most important is the track or program to pursue from the many choices available to them.

For students, choosing the right track or program is crucial for a lot of reasons. First, it helps them visualize what they want their future to be and start carving the path towards it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to career choices to the point that it can get daunting at times, so it’s good to have a clear direction and plan on hand instead of going in headfirst.

The right track or program also gives students the opportunity to develop and be equipped with valuable skills aligned to their chosen career path that can set them up for success, particularly when it comes to employment. Aside from the learnings inside the classroom, they also get the chance to have first-hand exposure to industry standards and practices as well as professionals, which not only helps them prepare for the future but also broadens their network of connections that can be useful once they enter the job market.

By choosing the right track or program, students are starting their SHS or college journey on the right foot, enabling them to feel more motivated and perform better throughout the entire experience and even translating to high job satisfaction and better earnings in the long run.

Coming up with an informed decision is definitely not easy. Students should first seek guidance from family and friends, and research on their own to know the ins and outs of their preferred tracks or programs. They can also try online assessment tools like STI College’s SCOPE or Student’s Career Opportunity & Personality Evaluator.

The STI SCOPE provides students with a comprehensive report on their best career options within 30 minutes. It is offered by STI College to help incoming SHS or college students determine their personality type and find the career opportunities that best match it. It also features helpful career-establishing articles, bonus tips from industry professionals, and a planning worksheet to outline their career goals.

On top of this, STI also conducts free workshops for Grade 10 and Grade 12 students to help them explore their choices and determine whether they are fit for their chosen track or program. Called the STI College Career Camp, these immersive and career-based workshops provide participants with hands-on experience in the fields of business, photography, app development, programming, tourism, and culinary among others.

Guided by its commitment to mold future-ready graduates, STI College offers its signature brand of holistic education through a wide range of industry-adept programs integrated with a balance of traditional, experience-based, and character-building activities.

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