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Why Does Working At Night Feel More Productive?


Why Does Working At Night Feel More Productive?


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Many of our projects take until midnight to finish, and some don’t start until later in the evening. Having this kind of timeline can be a hassle sometimes, especially when you rush your work. But for some, the only time they feel like doing anything is when they start to see that it’s already dark out.

Is this a common thing for adults? Or are there only a few people who feel a surge of motivation to work when the sun is down? And the answer will be revealed in a bit.

From a scientific standpoint, our brains work differently depending on the time of day. The brain processes information depending on its capacity to learn, and this has a direct relationship when it comes to time. When talking about the best times to use your brain capacity to be productive, it is said that the brain is at its sharpest when it’s around 10am to 2pm, and then 4pm to 10pm. So ideally speaking, working at night may be beneficial since it’s stated that the brain works most efficiently during that time bracket.

While it may be pleasing to hear that being productive at night does not mean you’re lazy in the morning, it is more than likely that you can develop sleeping disorders when you pursue this kind of body clock. And many other professions also require work to be done during daylight hours. So, in some circumstances, it is not advisable to stick to this kind of routine.

There may be research backing up the science of having a more productive session at night than during the morning. And it is the vice versa, it all boils down to your genetic makeup and biology. Some are effortlessly active in the morning, while others are more productive at night. It all depends on preferences and habitual routines.

Now, I’ll give you more reasons why you are more of a night owl than a day person.


1. No interruptions
During the day, we usually deal with people through meetings, brainstorming, and work-related activities, and it is impossible for you to stay focused on creating individual work that requires so much attention unless you’re a top-tier multitasker. When everyone is exhausted at night, it is time for you to continuously focus on your own project without interruptions since everyone is expected to respect you after work hours. It’s just that you’re not paid for your overtime!


2. It’s quiet!

When you hear the crickets chirping and your slow music vibing, plus a good cold brew coffee, you know it’s time to level up your productivity. It is hard to connect with your own thoughts if noise becomes a barrier within. If you’re not a music person, then putting on some earphones with blasting music won’t even help you. The tranquility that night time gives you is just like a helpful meditation on how to think better and faster. You are able to hear your own ideas loud and clear in peace.


3. Energy peaks at night

Usually a person’s day ends at night, but for some it is just about to get started. This may be a result of a change in sleeping patterns that also regulates your time of productivity. Some would wake up late in the morning and hit the time better during the afternoon until night. The mental condition that you have nothing to do at night motivates you to switch your working hours when the sun has set.


4. Procrastination leads to concentration

I don’t know about you, but procrastinating at night is really effective, but not advisable. The thought of hitting a deadline at 12 NN makes you feel eager to finish it during the night but faster. Ideas usually come in smoothly, and that helps you improve your work. You can no longer afford to slack off. That is, your whole concentration is only allotted to a single project or activity.


5.Ideas breakthrough at night

I know you’re well aware of late-night talks where you suddenly think of things that don’t usually cross your mind during the day. You become more dramatic and sentimental towards the one whom you talk to. This is the same concept; when you’re in a blank state at night and start to question things or think about your day, a breakthrough strikes in! You get up on your bed and start to type it down on your laptop or sketch the idea in your mind. You just have to be more innovative to improve it.

Besides the help that night gives us for us to be productive, it also has a downside, which is a massive body clock change that leads to sleep deprivation. Definitely graveyard shift is not advisable! However, there are situations where you are not in control, but if you have a flexible schedule on your hand, use it wisely. There are people who are used to this pattern, but if you would love to try it, make sure there’s more good than harm in your mind and body!

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