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6 Foods You Think Should Be Stored In The Fridge But Are Not


6 Foods You Think Should Be Stored In The Fridge But Are Not


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Putting leftovers and other food items in the fridge is one of the most basic food hacks for restoring and preventing them from becoming sour or moldy. It preserves the healthiness and color of the food, but there are some foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Pork, fish, and, of course, frozen food should be stored in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, those we thought would be better inside the fridge turned out to be bad and would have an effect on the taste because they were inside with leftover deliveries and such.

If you have these foods in your fridge, take them out and put them back in their proper place.

1. Cucumbers

Tada! According to the University of California, Davis’ College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, cucumbers can easily develop chilling injuries such as water-soaked areas, pitting, and decay when stored in the fridge. Oh, oh! Perhaps you have to stop putting those cucumbers in your fridge before you slice ‘em before putting on your eyes closed as part of your beauty routine!

2. Tomatoes

It looks fresh when we pull out tomatoes from the fridge, but refrigerating them can cause the shutdown of their flavor-producing enzyme and a mealy texture, which affects their taste. You can only refrigerate those ripe tomatoes for up to three days to extend their life, but don’t forget to put them out before you include them in your cooking recipe!

3. Breads

Have you ever bought a plastic bag of buns at a “sari-sari” store near your place and felt the coolness of it because it was refrigerated to prevent mold growth? That’s not the best idea because the bread will be a hard loaf! The best thing to do is to cover it in an airtight container or bag, then freeze it instead of directly putting it inside with only its brand-plastic wrapper.

4. Potatoes

Although fries can be stored in a fridge, storing potatoes can lead to the development of a chemical called acrylamide that can be dangerous to your health. Make sure you have a container allotted for your potatoes to avoid consuming this chemical in your body!

5. Coffee

This is another tada for coffee lovers out there! You might think keeping your coffee in the fridge helps maintain its aroma, but no! Your coffee will get other flavors when kept inside the fridge, so if you want to enjoy your coffee as you should, keep it instead in a sealed container away from the sunlight.

6. Bananas

Bananas only need a warm temperature to help them ripen and a bit of light and air to slow them down from decaying. Avoid keeping your bananas in the fridge because its coolness and moisture will affect the condition of the bananas!

There you have it! These foods are better off outside the fridge, so if you still have them stored in your fridge, fish them out now and prepare their sealed containers!

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