Thursday, July 25, 2024

Be Future-Proof And Ready With Globe Virtual Hangouts’ Future Forward: A Virtual Youth Summit


Be Future-Proof And Ready With Globe Virtual Hangouts’ Future Forward: A Virtual Youth Summit


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Gen Zs have a new and interactive way of hanging out with the squad through Globe Virtual Hangouts. Enjoy online activities that cater best to your interests with its four different kinds of hangouts, including GoCAMPUS, that will curate youth and school-oriented events.

As the youth navigate the changing times, GoCAMPUS will help them be ready and equipped for whatever the future may bring, especially in terms of education and career, through the upcoming Future Forward: A Virtual Youth Summit. This caravan of learning forums aims to empower Gen Zs by inviting young industry leaders to impart knowledge and motivation, and by providing them with a platform where they can share their thoughts about the things that matter to them.

Virtual Hangouts gave a sneak peek on what people can expect from Future Forward Summit through an online launch event last November 5 that also featured an interactive school fair platform complete with mini games and booths. Here, the Future Forward Preppers, or the first-class speakers for the summit, were revealed as well as the corresponding youth-oriented topics that they will discuss in their talks and masterclasses.

Globe Studios Head Quark Henares got the ball rolling last November 27 where he talked about the Future of Filmmaking and was followed by Crystal Gonzalez, CEO and Co-Founder of PICK.A.ROO, last December 5, where she shared her insights on the Post College: Employee or Entrepreneur debate. Artist-designer Leeroy New also talked about Nurture Nature last December 10, and finally, JC Gallegos, Head and Co-Founder of Shoor, talked about The Future of Experience Economy last December 12.

Don’t miss out on these talks as Globe Prepaid rolls out new runs of the GoCAMPUS Youth Summit, whether you are passionate about filmmaking, building your own start-up company, or using your talents for advocacy! There are also fun and educational experiences that will always await you on the Shoor platform such as a College Coffee Workshop that happened last December 5, Eco-Business last December 10, and even Singing Bee last December 12.

To join, just open the GlobeOne app, and click on the Discover tab then click “View All” to go to Virtual Hangouts Page, choose your preferred event, and click “Join.” You can also tap the heart icon to save the event or share it to your friends

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