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Escape The City Life With These Top Stargazing Hotspots In The Philippines


Escape The City Life With These Top Stargazing Hotspots In The Philippines


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While the world is still under the grip of the immense dither brought by the pandemic, we find ourselves constantly searching for calm, peace, and emotional salve. Free of charge, we search for an escape from the widespread pollution and noise of the city–longing for a dark sky filled with glittering stars that seem to be nonexistent in today’s urban setting.

In major cities, often bright with strong lights from huge buildings, the sight of the stars in the sky looks like nothing but a mere display of night to people. After all, cities nowadays are often surrounded by dancing artificial lights– skies taking the backseat with no full-show. However, despite the business of urban life, there are times when we get tired of cities beleaguered with traffic, pollution, and the exhausting routines of our city days. Thus, traveling a few miles away from light-polluted towns for a wonderful view of the skies should be your next travel plan for a city escape.

Here’s a list of the best stargazing spots you can visit for a one-of-a-kind starry night bond with the sky:


WK Forest Reserve Campgrounds, Rizal

Stargazing is perhaps the ultimate pandemic experience for easing the mind and rejuvenating the spirit exhausted by city life. Reconnect with the stars and experience the beauty of stars without traveling the extra miles with WK Forest Reserve Campgrounds, one of Rizal’s best-kept travel destinations nestled in the mountains of Tanay. Offering three types of campsites, (open, forest, and overlooking camp), make sure to get a grander view of the night sky and feed your stargazing craving with this top-fave stargazing spot in Rizal.

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San Antonio, Zambales

When stargazing, another world around you is created. This is the sign you were waiting for to finally go on that camping trip you’ve been planning with your family, friends, or yourself! The off-the-grid hideout called Anawangin, Nagsasa, Talisayen, and Silanguin Cove are among the best places to surround yourself with the wonder of nature, specifically the version of peace and rest only the sky can offer. For a thorough star gazing mixed with soul searching, leave civilization for a while and visit these four coves.

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Jomalig Island, Quezon

Located in the Province of Quezon, Jomalig Island, found at the eastern part of the Polilio Group of Island and off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, is one of the boasting stargazing spots in the country. It is coined as the perfect location for ‘soul refreshment’ against the stressful days spent in the city. From the golden sand to the beaches of Jomalig Island that will leave you in awe, the night at Jomalig island is a must for everyone’s bucket list–lies the breathtaking views of the night sky perfect for exploring the beauty of the dark. Staying outdoors or laying on a camp map is surely enough to make the entirety of your visit-worthy.

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Cloud 9 Surfing Area (Siargao)

Although the Cloud 9 Boardwalk of Siargao was swept away by Typhoon Odette following its landfall last December 2021, Siargao remains the best spot for stargazing as the sky’s beauty remained after the devastating surge of the typhoon. Mainly a tourist destination for beach lovers and surfers, it is surely one of the country’s top surfing locations that attract international visitors. Additionally, Siargao, which already opened tourist sites after the ‘Odette devastation’ is also the maker of a spectacular nighttime show for everyone who wishes to forget the stress of the city and indulge with the mesmerizing alignments of stars in the sky. It is considered a ‘magical’ place as when the night sky becomes clearer, it offers a stunning show of the stars and rarely showcases the Milky Way. Surely a perfect spot for you!

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Indeed, witnessing the majestic creation of the starry sky is like witnessing something incredible that will help to lessen our worries. Looking up at how nature’s light show works,it is the universe giving us the chance to meditate and reflect even if just momentarily as with the pandemic still on the rise. Thus, leaving the city even just for a while to let some light in is perhaps the biggest yet the simplest act we can do for ourselves now that we are juggled with tasks and noise from the city.

Regardless of the place or time, it is also important to know the basics of traveling amidst pandemics such as traveling while following the basic protocols and knowing the travel guides of every place we planned to visit. Because going a few extra miles to see the wonders of the sky wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider as the favor of looking at the stars brings the comforting feeling of worries going distant and getting far removed even just for a while.

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