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Home Suite Introduced their New Ambassador Bayani Agbayani!

Home Suite Introduced their New Ambassador Bayani Agbayani!

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Last Monday, September 2, CLC Marketing Ventures Corp., the company behind Home Suite, a well known furniture brand here in the Philippines invited me to go to their showroom at their compound located at Sauyo Quezon City to witness the presentation of their new brand ambassador, Mr. Bayani Agbayani.

Just like the high-quality entertainment and fun laughter that comes in mind when the name Bayani Agbayani is mentioned, Home Suite is beyond joyful and excited to be represented by Mr. Agbayani.

According to the executives of CLC Marketing Ventures Corp., they believe Bayani’s reputation of providing high-quality entertainment is synonymous to Home Suite’s values in terms of providing families the best in locally manufactured high-quality home furniture. Home Suite takes pride in distributing home furniture such as metal beds, dining sets, sala sets, sofa beds and home accessories in all leading department stores nationwide.

Aside from the introduction event, I was also able to check out some home suite furnitures in their showroom, and their sala set that is inside a mini mobile truck.

Thrilling moments are definitely coming ahead with the start of this fascinating partnership with Home Suite and Bayani Agbayani so keep updated with Home Suite’s official social media accounts to know more about their upcoming promos and new products.

Facebook – /homesuiteph

Instagram – @homesuiteph

YouTube – CLC Marketing Ventures Corp.

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