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Innisfree 2020 Jeju Color Picker Collection Swatches and Review

Innisfree 2020 Jeju Color Picker Collection Swatches and Review

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Hey guys

How are you? I hope you’re all doing well.. we’re on 2nd month of quarantine here in Manila, and I’m finally getting used to my “new normal” daily routine ( video conferences and e-mails all daaayyy, everyday!! ). Anyway since I’ve already adapted to my new work schedule I decided to use my free time to play with the cosmetics that I’ve received and bought before the ECQ started, the things that I will share to you today is Innisfree’s 2020 Jeju Color Picker Collection: their theme this year is Cherry Blossom, they actually launched this at the start of the cherry blossom season this year, and I’m lucky I was able to pick up the stuff I wanted from the collection a week before all the malls closed their doors because of the ECQ.

Here are the things that I’ve got from the collection.

First up is the Cherry Blossom Eyeshadow Palette (Php 1700). This palette has 9 colors in 4 different eyeshadow types;  matte, shimmer, glitter, and a hybrid matte with glittters.

I really love this palette because of the formula and the colors are good for everyday use too! My fave shades from this palette are #5 벚꽃 팝팝 / Cherry Pop Pop,  it’s the iridescent glitter shade in the middle, #6 벚꽃 만개 / Cherry Blossom in Full Bloom, it’s the red-ish pink matte rightmost in the middle row, and #9 밤 벚꽃 / Cherry Blossoms at Night, the hybrid matte dark brown filled with gold shimmer the last shade on the last row. (See swatches below)

Next is the Cherry Blossom Nail Set (Php660). The set contains 2 bottles of Nail Polish (6ml each)  and a sheet of cherry blossom nail stickers.

Here are swatches of the polishes, I expected the shimmer one to be more pink on the nail but unfortunately, the pink tint is only visible on the bottle, I think this will be a perfect topper over a black or any dark polish, the yogurt one I really love, I think it’s a perfect base for a floral nail art, might do one real soon. (you can see some of my nail art work on my nail IG

3rd item that I got from the collection is the Cherry Blossom Lip Tinted Stick (Php 550 each, available in 3 shades) the one i bought is shade 2호 물들어 벚꽃 / Cherry Dye

What I like about this is the color and texture, it’s like a moisturizing lipbalm but with a very strong pigment, it also leaves a subtle tint when the actual color eventually wears off.

Last but not the least is the Cherry Blossom No-Sebum Mineral Powder (₩6,000) this one is not available here in PH but because I’m a huge fan of the normal Innisfree no sebum powder, I had to ask a friend from South Korea to get it for me, the shipping time was longer than usual because of the pandemic, this arrived here after easter.

The packaging is really pretty and classy, the powder is quite different from the normal innisfree no sebum, it has a subtle cherry blossom scent, and the slightly pinkish powder has some micro shimmer / pearl in it, gives the skin a pearly like glow.

There’s another item from the collection that I didn’t buy, the cherry blossom luminizer, just because I think it doesn’t suit my skin tone.

Anyway, I think this collection is great, aside from the pretty minimalist pink packaging, the contents are really good and unique especially the eyeshadow palette, (my fave!) and the no sebum powder. I’m definitely looking forward to innisfree’s next launch!

By the way, if you want to get any if the featured items (except for the powder) while we’re on ECQ, Innisfree Philippines is now accepting orders within Metro Manila, you can fill up this FORM if you want to order, you can check for product info. You can also check their facebook and Instagram feed for more details.

And that’s it for this update, always stay safe!

’til next time!


Paula 😘