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Must Try Products from the Rising Skincare Brand Skintific

Must Try Products from the Rising Skincare Brand Skintific

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Today I’ll be sharing to you my thoughts about some products from a new skincare brand that I discovered while I’m browsing a local e-commerce site looking for a new cushion foundation that will match my skin tone.

The skincare brand that I recently discovered is called SKINTIFIC, and of course I did a quick research before I decided to try some of their products. SKINTIFIC is a skincare brand that offers scientifically formulated products from Canada, their aim is to quickly and safely prevent, and solve skin problems regardless of the skin type, sounds great right!?

Like I mentioned, I was only looking for a new cushion foundation, but after browsing the brand’s official store for almost an hour, I ended up getting several items, of course I tried all of them for more than two weeks, and here are the 2 items that I really liked and you must try from them;


First up is the SKINTIFIC Mugwort Acne Clay Stick.

Skintific Mugworth Acne Clay Stick

This clay mask in stick form is formulated with Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, and Centella, all are great ingredients when you want to prevent and treat acne, and of course, the star Ingredient; Mugwort one, of the most popular ingredients in Korea for treating acne, because of its anti-inflammatory properties plus it helps with the skin barrier.

Skintific Mugworth Acne Clay Stick

I use this once a week only on my whole face so that I won’t make it overly dry, and every other day on my t-zone area because it’s always super oily, and to get rid the occasional blackheads on my nose, after cleansing and drying my face, I leave it on for 10-15mins then rinse it with warm water. I love how convenient this is because I won’t have to use a separate tool to apply the mask so no mess! It’s something that I can bring with me to my travels because of its compact size, this is definitely a must try!

Skintific Mugworth Acne Clay Stick


The 2nd item is the reason why I stumbled upon SKINTIFIC, it’s their Cover All Perfect Cushion SPF35 PA++++

Skintific Cover All Perfect Cushion Philippines

What made me want to try this is its hybrid formulation, this is actually a cushion foundation and skincare product combined! This cushion has Ceramide, Centella Asiatica, and Hyaluronic Acid, skincare ingredients that helps protect and strengthen the skin barrier, also has SPF35 PA++++ so you don’t have to worry about that harmful UV rays. It’s perfect for all skin types!

Skintific Cover All Perfect Cushion Philippines

This has medium to full coverage, it’s buildable depends on the amount that you apply, I love how this cushion covers up my acne marks with just a thin layer, and it dries down to a super lightweight demi matte finish that stays on for up to 12 hours! How awesome is that!?

Skintific Cover All Perfect Cushion Philippines

The cushion is available in 5 shades, and I picked up 2 because was not sure which shade will match with my skin, will drop swatches below.

Skintific Cover All Perfect Cushion Philippines Swatches

04 Beige is the perfect match for my current skin tone, but I think I’ll definitely be able to use 05 Sand once summer hits.

Of course, I had to do an extreme wear test, I tried the cushion (I’m wearing 04 Beige) for the first time when I went to Binondo for a food review shoot, (see photos below that I took throughout my day) note that I had to walk to the restaurant from the train station during lunch time, and the cushion stayed put and still looked fresh after the shoot ended, I also roamed around outside for another 2 hours and it started to be bit oily at hour 5, nothing that a blotting paper can’t fix, but the cushion itself is still there. TBH, I’m quite impressed with this, I got 2 shades for less than a thousand pesos and it outperformed my current cushion (which is a very expensive korean brand), even the shade match is great!


Overall I was really impressed by these 2 products especially the Cushion Foundation, hence the detailed review, I really think that more Filipinas should know this brand. Oh did I also mentioned that these we’re really affordable? These two I got for less than 500 each, actually their other products are in the same price range too!

Skintific Philippines

And that’s it for this update.

If you want to try these 2 awesome products, I’ll also be linking the official product page where I got them below;

Get the Mugwort Acne Clay Stick here.

Get the Cover All Perfect Cushion here


’til next time!


Paula 😉