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National Fried Chicken Day: All the things you need to know about your favorite chicken dish and cooking style!

National Fried Chicken Day: All the things you need to know about your favorite chicken dish and cooking style!

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Celebrating Ajinomoto’s Crispy Fry®’s 20th Anniversary


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Chicken cooked in this style has made its way all over the world by simply being that “go to” dish which everybody can enjoy. From variations on the way that it’s made, to the flavorings added, to the simple yet very familiar dish, as well as ways this meal is presented, Fried Chicken, is without a doubt, a meal that everyone knows about. This National Fried Chicken Day is the perfect opportunity to know more about the rich history and global variations of a dish so well-loved.


Fried chicken can be traced back to the Middle Ages, specifically in Europe with the Scottish immigrants bringing their frying techniques to the Americas in the 18th century. Since then, many versions of this dish has been shared. From just simply frying the chicken meat, a variety of spices and herbs have now been introduced to make the traditional recipe taste better.



Fried chicken has also been adapted in various cultures worldwide. The Koreans cook their chicken by double-frying the meat and then later dipping it in sweet and spicy sauces. The Japanese karaage, on the other hand, features marinated chicken pieces covered in potato starch that has light and crispy textures. The style found in Indonesia is fried chicken called ayam goreng, where the chicken is deeply marinated in local spices. Later on, distinct versions were made including the Southern Fried Chicken with its crispy coating and juicy meat marinated in buttermilk and spices. Even fried chicken found its pair, with the dish called chicken & waffles, wherein fried chicken is served with golden waffles with syrup complementing the savory experience.


Fried chicken even became more popular globally with the rise of fast-food chains, having their own take on the comfort-giving dish that truly made everyone find their perfect and favorite fried chicken of choice. Some people even became loyal to one fast food chain because of their version of fried chicken.


This July, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) celebrates the 20th anniversary of Crispy Fry ́®, and just like the many variations of fried chicken that exists all over the world, APC has made sure that there’s one variant of Crispy Fry ́® fit for everybody’s taste.


Crispy Fry® Garlic is made with a more delicious, special blend of flour, starch, and seasoning, for those who ought to enjoy a more garlic-y flavor to their fried chicken, elevating the experience of having that crispy-sarap fried chicken in every bite. The Crispy Fry® Spicy variation is perfect for those who want that right amount of kick of heat. Truly a spicy-food lovers’ partner, this flavor is indeed fiery in all the right ways. Finally, the Crispy Fry® Original flavor is one that is dear to the Filipino household which you most probably would find in the cupboards of Pinoy home, waiting to be used, on-call, on-standby for all the best reasons. This product could easily make one receive compliments about their cooking; while also maintaining that home-y and original tasting recipe at home you yearn for after a long day at work.

No matter how many variations of fried chicken there may be in the world, the Filipino household can easily recognize fried chicken made with Crispy Fry®, simply because most of the customers catered by this product have grown up with it, and know how adding Crispy Fry® to their fried chicken dishes is the best option especially when you’re cooking for your family or friends, or even a whole team or barkada! National Fried Chicken Day is an important celebration for APC, given how Crispy Fry® continues to be supported by its market. Somehow, it is common knowledge in the Philippines that by adding this special ingredient to a fried chicken dish will make everything fall into place, regardless of if you know your ways around the kitchen or not!

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APC wishes everyone a Happy National Fried Chicken Day! Wait, is that fried chicken we smell and hear sizzling in oil ready to give you that crispy-sarap bite? 


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