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Pangasinense Rebuilds His Integrated Farm, Offering His Own Calabash Products


Pangasinense Rebuilds His Integrated Farm, Offering His Own Calabash Products


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Fresh is the way to go, and so did Mergene Ferrer, a Pangasinense who had a fresh start rebuilding his integrated farm after the pandemic to offer new kinds of healthy products.

On October 8, Ferrer’s Kahit Munti Integrated Farm was selected in the Young Farmers Challenge Program Region I under the Up-Scale Category, receiving a grant of Php 150,000 from Pangasinan’s local government unit.

Ferrer first invested in poultry-egg farming, from breeding quails and chickens to harvesting the eggs. Soon, with the support of his family, they ventured into producing automatic incubators for interested farmers.

With enough income from reselling and exporting eggs, he upgraded his farm with various nurseries for his vegetables and crops. It was here that he discovered their ever-growing and abundant calabash tree.

“I noticed that the fruits were simply falling from the trees, which prompted us to explore ways to bring them to market while also helping local residents who have calabash trees in their backyard,” Ferrer said in an interview with a local news outlet.

He markets the calabash juice as a “miracle drink” because of the healing effects such as healthy and firm skin, controlled blood pressure, and detoxification in the body.

Being the best-seller product, Ferrer introduced other calabash varieties, such as calabash juice infused with calamansi, calabash wine, and calabash tea drink.

While Kahit Munti Integrated Farming utilizes hydroponics and drip irrigation systems, Ferrer hopes to have the latest technologies to turn his integrated farming into modern farming someday.

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