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Pinoy Photographer Leads International Exhibit Concerning Climate Change


Pinoy Photographer Leads International Exhibit Concerning Climate Change


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Intending to raise awareness of the effects of climate change worldwide, a Filipino photographer got the first spot in the recent #CreateCOP28.

On December 6, Pinoy photographer Gab Mejia shared on his Facebook account that he received the top spot for the international photography exhibition that has collaborated with different art partners and the United Nations.

In his artwork titled “Passage of Storms,” the artist has demonstrated the situation of the Philippines during Super Typhoon Rai, locally known as ‘Odette,’ that hit the country in 2021.

“Coastal communities in the Philippines build and rebuild after every passing of a storm, only to be capitalized by a recurring system of disaster and loss, a creation of messianic myths upon their respective leaders as their sole constituents, indebted in these so-called gods with votes and loyalty who “rebuild” their homes,” Mejia said.

The artist uses his documentary to showcase how the communities were built and rebuilt after every storm, noting the country’s geographical location.

Mejia’s documentary has received the top spot for the said competition considering its illustration of the “long-lasting impact” of super typhoons on Filipinos.

With this achievement, the photographer not only made a name for himself but also for the country, leading him to express his gratitude to individuals who supported his documentary.

“Most days, I dream that we do not even need to get to share these dire stories of our islands, but these are the conversations and narratives we continue to confront, and we shall forward these stories that deserve justice for our archipelago amid this climate crisis,” Mejia said on his Facebook post.

The said documentary was included in the artworks that were exhibited in New York City that started on December 8. #CreateCOP28 is a program that focuses on empowering climate justice and raising awareness with the United Nations to give voice to the marginalized communities that are commonly affected by climate change.

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