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We hit the Jackpot at the Lingap Leads Foundation Launching Event!

We hit the Jackpot at the Lingap Leads Foundation Launching Event!

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Hey guys!

I hope the first few days of 2024 is going well for all of you. This update is about my very first event of this year, which also provided a once in a lifetime experience to me and my fellow attendees, that’s why I really wanted to share to you a detailed story of what happened that day. 😉


A great start

Last January 6, 2024, I’ve attended the Lingap Leads Foundation Event Launch: Harvesting Reverence at LAV Farm, Calauan Laguna. We arrived at the venue at around 8am, we we’re able to enjoy walking around the farm because it’s not super hot yet, (early morning sun is the best!) was also able to take a ton of photos because the view is great! We we’re also able to enjoy a sumptuous morning snack after the program officially started.

Lingap Leads Foundation 1


Tanim Palay Event

After our quick morning snack, we moved forward to the main highlight of the launch, the tanim palay event where we were able to experience how to plant rice.

Me in full gear for the “tanim palay event”


Once we’re on the fields, a staff taught us how to properly plant the rice seeds before we dunked onto the knee deep (because I’m short! 🥹) wet soil. It looks so easy when we’re watching how it’s done, but once it was time we try doing it, I’m not exaggerating when I said that it’s definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried in my life! It’s super hot and it’s not even mid-day yet, the soil feels like quicksand so it’s not easy to move, some of us even had a hard time getting out of the soil.

This experience definitely made me (and my fellow attendees) appreciate our farmers more.


After the tanim palay event, we’re serve a yummy lunch that features the Jackpot Rice, I’m going to give you more details about it below.

Our lunch, Jackpot Rice topped with pork adobo


Lingap Leads Foundation

Before I talk about the Jackpot Rice, I just want to share to you a quick background about the organization behind this event and the programs that they launched.

Lingap Leads is the Philippines’ premier advocate for occupational health and safety for farmers.

They are the social development arm of the Leads Group of Companies, uniting all philanthropic efforts for the nation’s poor and communities. marginalized rural communities.

Target Programs

In addition to the foundation’s pillars, Lingap Leads Foundation, Inc. implements several target programs that further our mission. Aside from “Lingap Kasaka,” where programs are specifically designed for farmers, we also have “Lingap Kapatid,” which includes collaborative programs in partnership with other foundations or institutions, extending support beyond our main beneficiaries. Another program is “Lingap Kapamilya,” which involves employees of Malveda Holdings Corporation in our mission to support farmers and agricultural communities.

Through these focus programs, they unite in a shared commitment for a better future, one where farmers thrive and communities flourish.

Lingap Kasaka – farmer-centered programs.

Lingap Kapatid – programs in collaboration with partner foundations

Lingap Kapamilya – programs in conjunction with the workforce and affiliated entities of the parent company.

The Harvesting Reverence Campaign

The “Harvesting Reverence” campaign lies at the heart of Lingap Leads Foundation, Inc.’s transformative mission. This campaign embodies a profound shift in perspective, aiming to rekindle recognition of farmers’ essential contributions and invest significantly in their overall well-being.

By fostering a mindset of empowerment and trust in farmers’ capabilities, the “Harvesting Reverence” campaign aspires to break the cycle of minimal support and elevate farmers to their rightful place as stewards of our nation’s sustenance. Through this campaign, Lingap Leads Foundation, Inc. strives to create a society that values and appreciates the enduring contributions of these unsung heroes.

Far from traditional charity, the “Harvesting Reverence” campaign embraces empowerment and sustainable support. It seeks to shift the prevailing paradigm, replacing condescending charity with respect-driven initiatives that acknowledge the dignity and value of farmers. This campaign recognizes that farmers are the backbone of the agricultural sector, playing a vital role in ensuring food security in the Philippines.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Programs


SDG #3: Lingap Kalusugan

Through programs on health education, health care and health financing, LLFI remains to be an outstanding national contributor to Farm Occupational Health and Safety.

SDG #3: Lakbay Kalusugan

Lingap Lakbay Kalusugan aims to provide quality health care accessible by delivering free diagnostic test packages to underserved areas. The diagnostic test package includes the following: CBC, UA, FA blood chemistry, ECG, and chest X-ray.


SDG #4: Lingap Kinabukasan

Fueling the pursuit of knowledge, LLFI paves the way for countless young minds to flourish and embrace a brighter future.

SDG #4: Angat Pinoy

Education has become one of the most valuable and costly things in society. Thus, the Lingap Leads Angat Pinoy Scholarship Program aims to help farmers’ children and other students who are financially challenged to empower them to continue their studies.


SDG #8: Lingap Kabuhayan

LLFI aims to empower farmers with sustainable livelihood opportunities through respect-driven initiatives, elevating their economic well-being for long-term prosperity.

SDG #8: Social EnterpRICE

Under the Harvesting Reverence program, Social EnterpRICE aims to uplift independent rice farmers, which encompasses small landowners, tenant farmers, and those from economically disadvantaged communities.


SDG #13: Lingap Kalikasan

With the dream of a future where global warming is halted, LLFI promotes best environmental conservation practices in our worksites and the communities that we serve.

SDG #13: Planet CPR

PLANET CPR aims to make a positive environmental impact through diverse projects, fostering sustainable practices, and promoting volunteerism via various environmental initiatives.

The “Pass-it Plastic” program is a pioneering initiative in sustainable plastic waste management, focusing on upcycling plastic bottles and aligning with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) law.


Hitting the Jackpot with Jackpot Rice

Now that we know about the Lingap Leads Foundation and their programs, let me now introduced to you the main star, the Jackpot Rice that I’ve Mentioned Earlier.

The Jackpot Premium Rice is locally produced by Laguna Farmers, from the Jackpot 102 Hybrid Rice Seeds, it’s actually a product of the SGD #8 mentioned earlier; Social EnterpRICE.

Lingap Leads Foundation Inc. is committed to providing these independent rice farmers with free access to Leads Agriventure’s premium Jackpot rice seeds. This exceptional seed variety not only ensures larger yields but also guarantees the production of premium-quality rice.

The resulting product, branded as Jackpot Premium Rice, will be available for sale to partner foundations, corporations, institutions offering rice subsidies to their employees, and independent restaurant owners. By purchasing Jackpot Rice at Market Value (P65 / kg), consumers and institutions actively participate in promoting the well-being and empowerment of local independent rice farmers. How awesome is that!?


Ending the Day with More Knowledge

Also present at the event is Max Ventura, Executive Producer and Co-Anchor of Radyo CSR, he thanked the Lingap Leads Foundation for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Finally, Joefer Malveda the President and CEO of Malveda Holdings Company and Leads Agricultural Products Corporation shared how he believes that great things starts from small beginnings.


Actual Jackpot Premium Rice Sacks

And that’s it for this update!

The event is definitely an unforgettable experience for me, and a great start of my 2024! I went home with a whole new appreciation of our local farmers, and the food that they produce.


For more details and updates about Lingap Leads Foundation, Inc. you can visit their Facebook Page, and you can also contact them through;

0917 154 6427



’til next time!


Paula 😉