Thursday, July 25, 2024

Why Are Behind-The-Scenes Stories More Interesting Than Actual Content?


Why Are Behind-The-Scenes Stories More Interesting Than Actual Content?


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Behind-the-scene contents are usually videos of a produced content but in a third person perspective. Which means people can see the preparations, setups, and all the production crew that are not usually seen in the final output.

The freedom of sharing information on social media has definitely grown in the past few years, and there are many noticeable changes. One of the many is the behind-the-scenes content that is on trend right now.

Why is this a trend, you may ask? Well, imagine it this way. Just like how people love seeing famous personalities’ lives off camera (which has rarely been seen before), they also love taking a peek into a world that is not often seen in our daily lives. And it all begins with the need to quench one human nature—curiosity.

Behind-the-scene videos were not entirely new to the public’s eyes; they were present even decades ago. What made it such a successful public relations strategy was that it showed a fresh perspective on their brand identity. It is definitely risky for some businesses to show how their products or services are made, but with tactical planning, it can become a huge advantage.

You may think of it this way, since there is a vast number of people who purchase online most of the time, it is guaranteed that fake products or services exist just as much as legitimate ones do. Showing how your products are prepared and with what materials you use, it gains the trust of the public. Plus, if what you promote becomes a hot item, then letting the audience see how good a product is may just be another win for your brand.

One behind-the-scenes type of content that is very popular now is the TikTok transition videos. The strategy here is to post the behind-the-scenes video first before the actual result so that it will trigger more anticipation from the viewers. What can be seen in the behind-the-scenes content is the director’s point of view, where the viewers can see what kind of equipment and setup they are using to film a cool transition video.

This sample strategy not only maintains entertainment and communication with the consumers but also grabs the attention of those who are looking for a job, showing how much fun it is to work at their company. Now we can clearly see how this human nature called curiosity plays a huge part in the business world. But at the end of the day, it’s all just a strategy.