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Caviteña College Student Feeds Stray Dogs Through Customized RC Car


Caviteña College Student Feeds Stray Dogs Through Customized RC Car


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Michellevan Andal, a college student from Cavite City, customizes her own remote control toy car to feed stray dogs around the area, especially in the towns of Rosario and Noveleta.

Inspired by a content creator using a remote control (RC) car for groceries, she decided to make her own to feed the stray dogs nearby without frightening them.

“Nag-come up po kasi ako sa idea na pwede kong gawin yun, para hindi matakot sa akin yung aso. Kasi meron pong may mga trauma, unapproachable dog po na mahirap pong pakainin,” she said in an interview with a local media.

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After saving enough money, she bought the RC car for Php 3,000 and additional materials to help her navigate the RC car and attract the attention of the stray dogs.

“Nilagyan ko lang siya ng reflector para makita ko po siya sa gabi. Nilagyan ko siya ng laruan since yellow po’yung vision nila, para mas maakit po sila na lumapit po dito sa RC car ko. Nilalagyan ko po siya ng cable tie dito po sa unahan,” she explains.

She also assured that the plates and cups used to feed the stray dogs, even the stray cats, were disposable.

Andal shared how she felt sorry for an abandoned dog that seemed to have infected dry skin and was rummaging through a pile of trash for food.

“Sobrang payat na po niya, ‘yung skin niya is infected na po. Nakita ko po siya na meron pa siyang collar, sobrang dami niyang sugat sa katawan na naawa po ako. Kung meron lang akong pera, sarili po akong bahay, hindi po ako magdadalawang isip na ampunin at pagalingin.”

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She started her feeding initiative on August 29, and since then, many people have contacted her to donate dog food or help in any way for her innovative mission.

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