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The 2023 Comandante Cup Championship in Philippines Brews Excitement in Mandaluyong!

The 2023 Comandante Cup Championship in Philippines Brews Excitement in Mandaluyong!

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Coffee and brewing enthusiasts are in for a thrill as Henry & Sons plays host to the much-anticipated 2023 Philippines Comandante Cup. This event, to be held at The Giving Cafe in Mandaluyong this weekend, promises to be a celebration of precision, flavor, and camaraderie in the world of coffee.

Henry & Sons, renowned for their commitment to elevating the coffee experience in partnership with Comandante, bring their expertise and passion to this event, ensuring its success that coffee lovers won’t want to miss.


“The heart of the competition lies in its community-oriented approach. While the competition is fierce, the emphasis is on creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Participants from all walks of life are encouraged to join, regardless of their skill level or experience, and share the joys of brewing and tasting exceptional coffee,” shared Michael Harris Conlin, 2019 Philippine National Barista Champion and President and CEO of Henry & Sons.


One unique aspect that sets the Comandante Championship apart is its commitment to promoting healthy competition and the joy of participating. Rather than glorifying winning, the championship celebrates the craft of coffee brewing. It’s a reminder that coffee is not just a beverage; it’s a shared passion that brings people together.


The competition consists of three rounds. In each round, competitors will be assessed by four sensory judges. They must prepare and serve a single beverage for the judges within eight minutes, without giving a presentation. Competitors can only use the coffee beans and water provided by the organizers.


During the competition, competitors can make multiple beverages, but only the one served to the judges will be judged. Competitors will compete in groups of five, and judges will select the best beverage by pointing a finger. The competitor with the best coffee, as chosen by the sensory judges, advances to the next round. Alternatively, simplified Brewers Cup score sheets may be used for the semi-finals or finals.


In the first round, competitors must use a specified pour-over brewing method chosen by the organizers, ensuring all competitors use the same brewing device. In the semi-final, competitors are required to use a full-immersion brewing method via Aeropress. In the final round, competitors have the choice of using either pour-over or immersion methods.


This year’s Comandante Cup is shaping up to be an extraordinary global spectacle, boasting a record-breaking roster of 60 competitors. It’s not just the largest competition of its kind—it’s a vibrant mosaic of passionate coffee lovers. 


From the hobbyist home brewers who craft each cup with personal flair to the seasoned professionals whose techniques are as precise as they are inventive, the range of talent is as diverse as it is impressive. Each participant brings a unique story and a shared love for coffee, converging in this grand event to push the boundaries of brewing excellence. 


As the competitors gear up for the challenge, the air buzzes with anticipation and the scent of freshly ground coffee beans. This is where skill meets passion and luck, where every pour, press, and brew could lead to the next Philippine Comandante cup Champion. 

The 2023 Philippine Comandante Cup is more than a competition; it’s the heart-pumping epicenter of love for coffee and camaraderie, a festival celebrating the rich tapestry of Philippine coffee culture that connects us all.

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